Studio 33 x Frissón: Listen to the Bar

by Fabio Bernardini If you are about to open a space and are interested in our sonic point of view, please contact us here! The most receptive antennas in the capital have intercepted the frequencies of Studio33, so Luca Quartarone and Mario Ansalone have involved us in the creation of the sound system of their new creature, Frissón. Frissón is oneContinuereading "Studio 33 x Frissón: Listen to the Bar".

The lens. - by Fabio Bernardini.

The passion for music and the respect of those who have chosen it as their reason for living has led us to carry out a long and thorough research into reproduced sound, because we have always had in mind that musicians and their art deserve respect and their message must reach us without the need for any kind ofinterference. - By Fabio Bernardini".