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A sound boutique, curated by us.


Inside Studio 33 you will find different systems assembled with the sole purpose of making the listening experience unique and as faithful as possible to the message contained in the original recordings, without neglecting the pleasantness and musicality of the listening.

We regularly organise events in synergy with our Italian and foreign partners, in order to keep the selection of products for our audience always alive.

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This was achieved by using mainly products from Oswalds Mill Audio and a few other brands meticulously selected (DartZeel, dCS, Studer) by our technical team.

Our systems use OMA loudspeakers entirely made of solid wood with custom made high quality transducers or, as in the AC1 model, by resorting to the use of a vintage compression driver from the 40's.
These are high and very high efficiency loudspeakers, driven as required by low power OMA tube amplifiers or by solid state amplifiers by the Swiss company DartZeel, in our opinion an absolute reference in the solid state field.

Pavarotti's Master Analogue Tapes to be heard at Studio 33 - Hemiolia Records

The analogue sources consist of Oma's Anatase pulley-drive turntable built from a single block of CNC-machined and hand-finished Pennsylvania slate; and the Studer A812 analogue recorder, always a reference for analogue mastering.

The digital sources are the dCS Bartok and Mytek Brooklyn Bridge analogue digital converters, both references in their price categories and able to read almost all available digital formats.
Finally, the digital part is controlled by a Music Server with access to a liquid music database of thousands of albums and at the same time the major high definition music streaming services(Qobuz, Tidal) are active.

Anatase Turntable

The Anatase OMA turntable is a direct drive, using the excellent Swiss-made Lenco motor and platter, with upgraded components from OMA. All fixed to a 5cm solid slate plinth, weighing 40kg. Coupled with Schroeder CB tonearm and Hana ML stylus. You'll be listening to our entire collection of over 6,000 vinyl records, plus guest collections who will be sharing their gems as they go.


Now past its 10th anniversary, the AC1 three-way floorstanding speakers made of solid wood are the pride of OMA. Cherry wood used with construction techniques worthy of the finest furniture. It uses an extremely efficient 15-inch woofer, a vintage compression midrange driver made by RCA, mounted on a conical horn. Finally, a highly engineered ribbon tweeter, also horn-loaded. Joy to our ears and yours.
It's a high-efficiency speaker, at 100db / 1w / 1m into 8ohm.

Black Knight

The BK is OMA's only push/pull amplifier, using an 807 transmission tube connected in triode mode.
A dual chassis design, as in all OMA amps, separates the signal and power supply, using thick powder-coated steel plates and solid wood, dovetailed joinery.

Octave Amp V40 SE

The V 40 SE output stage consists of two power pentodes (Type 6550) for each channel. Thanks to the BIAS control and monitoring system, other pin-compatible output valves can be used to adapt the amplifier to personal taste or to benefit from new or improved valves.

The V 40 SE is an integrated line-level amplifier with 2 x 40 W peak output power. Its powerful, clear bass fundamentals and captivating high-frequency resolution earn it much respect.

Like all OCTAVE amplifiers, the V 40 SE is based on the advanced pentode configuration. This configuration guarantees absolute stability of the amplifier against unstable loudspeaker impedance. Impedance mismatch is unaffected and the V 40 SE is stable up to a 2 Ohm load. An important contribution to this stability is the single-impedance output transformer.



The QX-8 Digital Hub provides a total solution for state-of-the-art digital music playback. An Ethernet cable, USB source or most digital components connected to the QX-8 will allow you to enjoy an extensive library of digital music. You can also simply plug in your favourite set of headphones and enjoy a music experience that invigorates your soul. Built around Ayre's exclusive innovations, the Ayre QX-8 includes fully balanced, feedback-free (real-time) circuitry for natural musicality.

Equipped with up to eight digital inputs (Ethernet, USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF (2) and Toslink (3)) it is ready to be the digital hub for most systems. With the Ethernet module installed, it is Roon-ready and pre-configured for streaming Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal. The QX-8 will integrate into virtually any home system today and is designed to be upgradeable for inevitable future technologies.


Studer A812 Reel to Reel

It is definitely the most popular master recorder of the 800 series. Produced from 1985 to 1996 it offers control and completeness as required by the most sophisticated demands of the recording world; you will hear it with original Hemiolia Records tapes and vintage tapes selected by us.

Mini Speaker

The Mini is a unique two-way horn loudspeaker with performance comparable to much larger loudspeakers. The 36 cm wooden cube is the centrepiece of this 144 cm high speaker.
It is a high efficiency loudspeaker, at about 95db / 1w / 1m into 8ohm.

DartZeel LHC-208

The LHC-208 is an integrated amplifier, network player and ultra-high resolution digital converter in a sleek, modern chassis. Designed to handle high-quality digital music, this is a 'd-analogue' integrated amplifier with built-in streaming system and DAC.


Passlab Int-25

Pass Labs builds Fet amplifiers with excessive output stages, huge heat sinks and massive power supplies. Top quality components in simple linear topologies, assembled and tested with care and subtlety.

The INT-25 embodies all this. A smaller Class A stereo amplifier at a lower price, it takes advantage of lower power requirements to have simpler single ended circuits and fewer parts in the signal path.

Smaller and simpler gain stages improve speed and stability. Lower voltages mean the ability to run gain devices at higher bias currents, deeper into Class A.


dCS Bartók - DAC

It brings together the past, present and future of dCS. This single-chassis digital player features the legendary dCS Ring DAC™ and signal processing platform. You'll listen to our entire local collection of hi-res digital albums, as well as high quality streaming services.

DeVille FSC

A two-way loudspeaker of the highest quality, made from solid, roasted Pennsylvania ash wood. It is the most powerful and efficient design possible for its size, using professional drivers capable of much lower distortion than normal and greater power handling.
With or without stands, configurable in myriad colours with Farrow and Ball (UK) paints, or in an unlimited range of custom finishes: leather, denim, washi paper and many more.

PD1 Phono Stage

The OMA RIAA phono stage is ultra transparent, using a proprietary circuit without input or output transformers, with 50db gain. Suitable for MM, MC, Movin Iron cartridges with OMA external Step Up. Like all OMA products, it is hand-built with a 2.5cm thick solid black walnut frame, shaped with hand-made dovetail joints and finished with hand-polished oil and wax. The top plate is made of polished slate and the frame itself is built on thick powder-coated steel.


MC2 HS 800

Power amplifier designed for use in the best monitoring or Hi End environments.

Designed for applications where transparency and uncompromising performance are paramount, the HS series delivers the sound quality and reliability expected from MC2.

The HS series uses the best AB bipolar output stages, combined with the unique MC2 current-driven floating drive stage together with analogue level controls for minimal signal degradation.

Sophisticated side-chain limiters prevent distortion and damage to the speakers, but are out of circuit until clipping begins, so they do not affect the signal path under normal operating conditions.

A custom-shielded toroidal power supply combined with intelligently controlled low-noise fans provide optimal conditions for the output stages, ensuring that the only thing you'll ever hear is your own sound.


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Studio 33 is a music boutique capable of designing an acoustic project that reflects all needs, tastes and budgets. Thanks to the technical support of HomeCinemaSolution, the base of our systems can be extended up or down as desired.

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