hypercast podcast for your brand

Studio 33 hosts Hypercast, the podcast service company.

Specialising in branded podcasts, we combine creativity and strategy to create compelling content that builds a connection between brands and listeners.
We come from different worlds, bring together experts in podcast production, marketing and sound design and share a common passion for creating impactful stories that entertain, educate, excite and inspire audiences.

The podcast is growing more and more, because it is intimate, the user chooses it and it is perfectly integrated with the devices and apps that populate our lives: smartphones, voice assistants, streaming platforms, car play amplify the voice of brands every day and take it straight to the heart of its target.
Today is a fundamental asset for communication strategies, and we are at your side to help you get the most out of this fantastic tool. Visit HYPERCAST.


Hypercast. The podcast service company.

Studio 33 ospita Hypercast, la nuova podcast service company. Specializzati in branded podcast, uniamo creatività e strategia per realizzare contenuti avvincenti, capaci di costruire un legame tra i brand e gli ascoltatori.Veniamo da mondi diversi, riuniamo esperti di podcast production, marketing e sound design e condividiamo una passione comune che ci porta a creare storie di…

Studio 33 x Linecheck 2020

Il primo assaggio di una serie di incontri formativi targati Studio 33. Guarda l’intervento qui sotto. In occasione di Linecheck 2020, Studio 33 propone una videotestimonianza di 20′ intitolata: “The Music of Business – come la musica ha cambiato il mio stile di management” Un viaggio di 20 minuti dentro le categorie musicali di base,…

Place to Be - Studio 33 and IMF

In September 2020, Studio 33 creative nucleus and physical space from which the Place to Be project started streaming.

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