Hyperjazz Records.

Hyperjazz Records is the record label of Studio 33.
The product of a frenetic and unstoppable evolution of the modern musical language.
A meeting point between the past and the future, where traditional jazz meets new sounds.

Hyperjazz is in constant metamorphosis through time.
Records mixed and produced in-house at Studio 33, available to listen to and purchase, and distributed worldwide.

Khalab - Neba

Appreciated and supported by an international network(BBC, Bandcamp, WorldWide FM), Hyperjazz 's music is a tangible sign of continuity between styles and figures.
The distinction between deejay and musician/composer is blurred, there is no longer an insurmountable limit between jazz, classical and electronic.

Hyperjazz wants to go further: to break every routine, to explore possible musical mutations and interactions, to be contaminated by social evolutions.

HyperJazz and the rediscovery of Southern Italy.


The Great Oxidation EP by Khalab


Making his debut on his own Hyperjazz Records label with 'The Great Oxidation EP', electro-shaman Khalab returns to his natural habitat: the dance floor. With these three instrumental tracks, the visionary artist aims to guide the listener on a journey backwards, to the rediscovery of the most ancestral human ritual: dancing. A radical return to the origins in order to reach a brighter future, but also a bridge to another world - a new space in which to meet new forms of life and discover new feelings and new consciousnesses.




'Unconscious Collective' is the first album by PS5 - the new ensemble led by Pietro Santangelo (Nu
Guinea, Slivovitz, Fitness Forever). It is a further
step in the label's journey to connect the musical tradition of Southern Italy, the love for Afro-American music and new ways of expression.




'Mixtape vol. I' is a collection of instrumental beats that outlines a new chapter in Trrmà's creativity. Giovanni Todisco (drums) and Giuseppe Candiano (electronics) have taken a trip down memory lane and created something new that is a direct expression of their musical roots.


If You Say You Are From This Planet, Why Do You Treat It Like You Do?


Inspired by Sun Ra's poem written in the pages of the book 'This Planet Is Doomed', the music and lyrics focus on the current consciousness of the planet, raising questions and issues about the collective spiritual direction of humanity...


The Word Was Made Phresh


'The Word Was Made Phresh' is the name of Phresoul's album released on HJ Records.
Seven tight and essential instrumental tracks that showcase the talent and versatility of one of the most interesting bands of recent years in the jazz, hip-hop and alternative rock realms...


Fire And Sea


"Fire And Sea is a story about the Mediterranean people and their music.

It is the story of an obsessive research into the contamination between the rhythms and melodies of Southern Italy and North African atmospheres.
Written by Machweo and played in the studio with his jazz ensemble (electronics, sax, electric guitar and drums), "Fire And Sea" focuses on the music's most unitary and political traits; it brings with it all the melancholic and dancing power of music mixed with the aggregative and spiritual force of African culture...

"In music the most important thing is synthesis, without synthesis there is no evolution."

- Raffaele Costantino
(A&R Hyperjazz)