Oswalds Mill Audio.

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OMA is Oswalds Mill Audio, an audio lifestyle company that manufactures the world's finest high fidelity equipment: speakers, valve amplifiers, turntables and audio furniture. We are committed to bringing audio back to the forefront of people's homes. If you like music and appreciate design and craftsmanship, we are the source.

Our products are handmade in Pennsylvania, using locally sourced sustainable wood, slate, cast bronze, iron and aluminium.

OMA Concept Video

We are the only company in the world that produces solid wood speakers using the same carpentry craftsmanship as the finest furniture, and we are the only company that has ever used conical horn speakers for home audio. Our team of engineers and designers includes some of the world's best in loudspeaker design, analogue/valve circuits and turntables.

OMA's acoustic DNA is very different from the usual technology.
We have gone back to the cinema sound systems of the 1930s, when the focus was on sound quality, not size, cost or convenience.

Instead of reducing the size of the speakers and equipment, we want you to have as much musical and visual enjoyment as possible.

Sound waves cannot be miniaturised, nor can your speakers or the pleasure of listening to them.

Music is an event, not a soundtrack.

FSC Deville Speaker - Ph. https://www. cynthiavanelk.com

The Absolute Sound on the Deville

Stereophile on the Devilles

Deville Speakers in colour variants - Ph. https://www.cynthiavanelk.com

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