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Your journey begins

The Music & The Cities podcast is born: a sound journeythrough Italian cities to give voice to the originality of the rich urban cultural scene.

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Why podcast

When the silence in the streets may seem deafening, music continues to dictate trends and shape the cultural, social and political fabric of the cities it inhabits and the people who gravitate to this ever-evolving world.

It is in order to recount this condition of perpetual change that Music & The Cities was born, the podcast that puts music at the center of the story, to reveal alternative perspectives, and certainly very personal ones, through the experience of some of the protagonists of the Italian creative scene, from north to south.

Raffaele Costantino

Radio host, tastemaker, and music producer, he accompanies listeners on a journey through the musical fabric of the main Italian cities: Rome, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Naples, Lecce, Bologna (UNESCO Creative City of Music).

“Italy is a country that is very rich in artistic landscapes, and each city has its own music scene with its own history and evolutions. Music & The Cities recounts the differences by building an overall picture” says Raffaele Costantino.

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Discover the secrets of Italian cities

A choral portrait that through the voices of 40 artists with their sensitivity and vision, showcases the uniqueness of some of the main Italian cities, outlining profoundly different profiles which represent the cultural richness of this country.

Music & The Cities recounts the musical history of cities, showing their relationship with contemporary creative ferments and identifying signs for the future.

The voices of the cities

Meg, Max Casacci (Subsonica), Piotta, Godblesscomputers, Alioscia Bisceglia (Casino Royale), Popoulous, Gianni Gebbia are the 7 guides who, through their stories, will tell the story of the cities that saw them emerge as artists and establish themselves in the various music scenes.

The contributions of the writers personally linked to the cities presented, Marta Barone, Pierpaolo De Giorgi, Davide Enia, Daniele Rielli, Igiaba Scego, Djarah Kan, Michele Dalai, are enriched by the stories of the more than 30 guests who intervene to tell their personal experiences.

Tommaso Piotta – Rome
Alioscia Bisceglia – Milan
Max Casacci – Turin
Godblesscomputers – Bologna
Meg – Naples
Populous – Lecce
Gianni Gebbia – Palermo
Igiaba Scego – Rome
Michele Dalai – Milan
Marta Barone – Turin
Daniele Rielli – Bologna
Djarah Kan – Naples
Pierpaolo De Giorgi – Lecce
Davide Enia – Palermo

The Studio

The space chosen for the recording of podcasts is Studio 33, in the heart of the capital, in one of the most fascinating districts of the city, Trastevere. A unique space of its kind, a destination for sound enthusiasts from all over the world, it intercepts new trends in music and beyond.

Promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
Produced by Studio 33 and Happy Few.

Music and the Cities, a podcast by Raffaele Costantino.

Co-author of the podcast: Matteo Strada.
Editor: Serena Antinucci. Production: Maurizio Bilancioni.
All episodes have been translated into English with the editing and voice of journalist Megan Iacobini de Fazio. Video narration by CUT& Editing.
Press Office Antonella Bartoli.

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